Theo Wrzesinski Joins Netrality as a Director of Business Development at 717 South Wells to Accelerate Expansion

Theo Wrzesinski joins Netrality as a Director of Business Development in Chicago at 717 South Wells. Theo brings over 15-years of experience in delivering exceptional service and value. Built on collaboration and trust, Theo has held positions with Hudson Fiber Network, Sidera Networks and Equinix.

Theo is responsible for facilitating the on-boarding of new customers at 717 South Wells and architecting solutions to enable customers to quickly realize significant value from our wholly owned and operated network-neutral carrier hotels and meet me rooms. He is a great addition to the Netrality team and strives to create an environment for positive change using facts to understand and support our customers.

717 South Wells is one of the most connected buildings in Chicago. Located in the center of the financial district, it is in a unique position to provide reliable network interconnection infrastructure for carriers, service providers, and enterprise customers. As a gateway to the local fiber backbone in Chicago, 717 S Wells is a primary access point for long-haul transport routes in the region.

Theo can be reached at and for more information on 717 South Wells click here.